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A Presentation by Cameron S. Brown

Cameron S. Brown's keynote talk, The Relevance of 
Abraham Lincoln, tells the story of Abraham Lincoln in a fresh and compelling way. Like Lincoln, Cameron believes 
in the power of the spoken word to elevate the public discourse in America. His aim is to inform and inspire!

Cameron's presentation includes a large-screen showing of our featured video, Abraham Lincoln, A Voice for the Ages. This multi-media program will add entertainment and educational value to your group meeting or special event. 
You will never view Abraham Lincoln the same way! 

If you'd like to request this stimulating program for your group, you can submit your request online. You can also contact us via email at info@LincolnVideoProject.org,, or 
you can Message us on Facebook. We love sharing Lincoln's story, and we're eager to learn how we can help you. In the meantime, we invite you to preview our video tribute to 
Mr. Lincoln shown on this page. We hope you enjoy it! 

Abraham Lincoln, A Voice for the Ages
"The whole presentation was captivating and exceptionally well received by students, faculty, and staff.  If you are looking for an uplifting 
​" . . . never before have I gained such depth of insight into the greatness and complexity of the man."—Dennis R. Koons, J.D., President and CEO, Michigan Bankers Association

" . . . a magnificent springboard for any group contemplating leadership subjects and related topics."—Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking, President, Adrian College

and inspiring program, I would highly recommend you consider Cameron's spellbinding presentation."—Dr. David M. Mathews, President, 
Southwestern Michigan College
Download and print your own frameable copy of the text of the Gettysburg Address compliments of the Lincoln Video Project.
The Gettysburg Address

Telling Lincoln's Story

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You Will Never View Abraham Lincoln 
the Same Way!
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