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"The whole presentation was captivating and exceptionally well received by students, faculty, and staff. If you are looking for an uplifting and inspiring program, I would highly recommend you consider Cameron's spellbinding presentation." — Dr. David M. Mathews, President, Southwestern Michigan College

"I am eager to say with full enthusiasm your presentation was one of the finest I have been privileged to hear ... our schools and families so need to hear and consider the authentic legacy of Abraham Lincoln. You state it so eloquently: his self-control, his empathy, his humility, his faith, his courage ... Your presentation serves as an exemplar for the depth of meaning, intelligence, and engagement which we hope for in our campus Academic Speaker Series." — Dr. Jeffrey W. Dennis, History Professor, Southwestern Michigan College

"Thank you so much for your presentation at the Michigan Association of Counties Annual Conference [in Frankenmuth]. Your research and insight on Abraham Lincoln was very educational and interesting. The county officials appreciated the presentation. We received many positive comments on your remarks. I would encourage any group interested in the topic of Abraham Lincoln to contact you. Thank you again for taking the time to address our group of over 300 officials." — Tim McGuire, Executive Director, Michigan Association of Counties

"Cameron Brown has an uncanny ability to say much in a short allotment of time, while opening the door for deeper thought and discussion. Our church has benefited from Cameron’s message. I heartily recommend his presentation for any audience.” — Jim Erwin, Pastor, Bethel Gilead Church

"Our Civil War Roundtable thoroughly enjoyed Cameron Brown’s presentation on Lincoln. He is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable. The video is remarkable. This was a great kick off to our year, and well worth the attention." — Dee Dee Wacksman, Chair, 7th Michigan Cavalry Civil War Round Table, Bay City, MI 

"Many thanks for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story with us. I would like to discuss some options with you for using your program on Lincoln in the work we are doing with elementary and secondary schools." — Tim Davis, President/CEO, Classreport, Inc.

​"Bravo! ... the video is so inspiring ... Your words are poetic." — Dr. William M. Anderson, Past Director of the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries
Proclaiming Thanksgiving by Dean Cornwell.  Courtesy 
of  the Lincoln Collection of Fort Wayne, IN.

What people are saying . . .
and his impact on America today!
A Presentation by Cameron S. Brown
           A        L    I    N    C    O    L    N        T  A  L  K  
​"Your remarks for our graduation ceremonies with the Michigan Bankers Association Robert M. Perry Schools of Banking were truly inspirational and motivating. While every citizen must know the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, never before have I gained such depth of insight into the greatness and complexity of the man, the leader, and the lessons for all in every walk of life and every pursuit. Your delivery and content were riveting." — Dennis R. Koons, J.D., President and CEO, Michigan Bankers Association

"In 'four score and seven years' of attending and hosting programs, Cameron is the most outstanding orator I have ever heard and is very knowledgeable about President Lincoln." — Jane Anderson, Managing Librarian, Wirt Public Library, Bay City, Michigan 
Cameron Brown's presentation at the Adrian College Shipman Library entitled 'The Relevance of Abraham Lincoln' and it's inclusion of his breathtaking video was a perfect theme for our Board of Trustees meeting. His insightful and thought-provoking presentation inspired our Board and its work for the entire weekend. The presentation is a magnificent springboard for any group contemplating leadership subjects and related topics." — Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking, President, Adrian College

"I have never experienced so much information on our 16th President." — Rodney D. Chupp, Insurance Agent

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